Buffalo Outdoor Rifle Club (BORC) events


Pistol Matches

BORC features two monthly pistol matches.  The first Sunday is our action pistol match.  The third Saturday is the Buffalo ICORE revolver match.  Set-up for the matches begins at 12:30pm followed by a mandatory shooters meeting at 1:00pm. Shooting immediately follows the safety briefing.  

At the action pistol match expect to shoot between 50-100 rounds. Most targets are steel, but paper may be included in some matches. Any handgun or pistol caliber carbine may be used in the match. 

The ICORE match is an action revolver match which follows the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts Rules. Although ICORE is intended to be shot with revolvers, you are welcome to shoot a semi-auto handgun if you desire.  The pistols and revolvers will be scored separately.

Please do NOT bring magnum ammunition, you will not be permitted to shoot due to the increased risk of fragments coming back toward the shooter.  It is also more wear and tear on our equipment.


Rifle Matches

BORC has three rifle matches each month.  These matches are shot April through September.  The second and fourth Sunday are Benchrest Rifle and start at 8:30 AM.  The third Sunday is Service Rifle and starts at 1:00 PM.