The International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE) is a group dedicated to action pistol style shooting using revolvers.  The use of revolvers minimizes the need to buy expensive, highly modified pistols and places the emphasis on shooting skill.  

Buffalo ICORE is the only ICORE affiliated club in Wyoming.  Matches are conducted monthly at the Buffalo Outdoor Rifle Club (BORC).   Using steel and paper targets, we set-up stages with revolvers in mind, but everyone is welcome to participate, even if you shoot a "bottom feeder" (semi-auto pistol).  We shoot ICORE classifier stages at most matches.  Join ICORE and obtain your classification at our club before participating in larger ICORE matches.

Our shooting is always conducted with an absolute emphasis on safety.  Please click HERE to review the ICORE rules.  Please familiarize yourself with section 1-Safety Rules and section 2-Range Commands.  These rules will also be discussed in detail during the shooters meeting prior to each and every match.  Anyone violating safety rules will be disqualified from the remainder of the match.  



To participate in our matches you will need a revolver (or semi-auto), a safe holster which covers the trigger, and speedloaders, moonclips, or magazines to reload.  Stages will have a maximum of 24 rounds, so four loaders should be sufficient assuming you shoot well.  Expect to fire between 50 and 100 rounds for the match.  Those shooting semi-auto will be scored separately from revolvers. For safety reasons, please DO NOT bring magnum or steel jacketed ammunition.  

EVERYONE on the range is required to wear eye and ear protection.  Since we shoot at steel targets, there is always a chance of debris returning toward the firing line.  For this reason, even spectators MUST wear safety equipment!       



We DO NOT teach self-defense techniques or tactics,  However, competition does condition you to shoot well under a moderate amount of stress.  If you would like to improve your handgun shooting skills, this is a great place to start!

Contact Us

Match Director - Kurt U. (307) 620-5711

IT/Statistician - Rex H. (307) 620-0157 

Safety Officer - Jesse R. (307) 214-4120

Directions to Buffalo Outdoor Rifle Club

Take Hwy 16 (Fort St) 4.9 miles west from Main St in Buffalo, WY. Turn right into the driveway, guide right again and go up the hill. There is only one small sign on the range driveway.


Buffalo ICORE matches are normally held the third Saturday of each month.  Set-up begins at 12:30 pm and the safety briefing at 1:00 pm.  Shooting immediately follows the briefing.  Match fees are only $5 unless otherwise indicated.  Please click the schedule link below for up-to-date information.

ICORE involves complex stage designs, shooting from different positions, movement, and reloading during stages.  We shoot in any weather as long as we can make it to the range.   Please check the schedule link (below) to confirm dates.  During winter months check the website the night before or call the match director.  

BORC also has a regular action pistol match the first Sunday of each month.  These matches are better for new shooters.  They have less complex stages and generally do not require reloading during the stages.  Set-up for this match is 12:30 and shooting follows the safety briefing which begins at 1:00.  Please arrive early to attend the safety briefing.  Help setting up is always welcome. The regular action pistol match is held April through September.  This match is generally more simple to shoot and a better choice for new shooters.